Light Catchers

Spiritgrove Light Catchers are 3.5 inches across and about 7 inches high. Each Light Catcher is $18, including a suction cup for hanging in your window.

Dragon Light Catcher.jpgArcadia Angel Light Catcher.jpgClematis Twins Light Catcher.jpgFairy Flirt Light Catcher.jpgBlue Woodland Flowers Light Catcher.jpgNest Elf Light Catcher.jpgHummingbird in Flight Light Catcher.jpgPeekaboo Fairy Light Catcher.jpgMany Eyes Light Catcher.jpgSaharessan Trio Light Catcher.jpgPale Pink Bells Light Catcher.jpgSatyr with Pipes Light Catcher.jpgPinecone Trio Light Catcher.jpgSnowy Owl Light Catcher.jpgStarsong Light Catcher.jpgSingle Yellow Rose Light Catcher.jpgSnowy Pine Light Catcher.jpgThe Mage Light Catcher.jpgSpring Unfolding Light Catcher.jpgWaterlily and Bud Light Catcher.jpg